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Stacking Layers

How do I stack images using Layers?

Answer:  In general, the stacking order of Layers is controlled by the z-index.  The  higher the z-index, the closer to the top a particular layer will be.


Quick Tutorial:  Stacking Images using Layers

  • 1.  Place each image inside one layer. 
  • 2.  Modify the z-index of each layer (remember, the higher the z-index, the closer to the top an image will be in a stack of layers. )


 There are a few different ways to accomplish this. 

You can create a New Style for each layer and control the z-index that way. Plus you can control many other aspects of each layer using this method. The z-index is located in the Style Builder under the Position Category.

Or you can use the Layers Panel along with the CSS Properties Panel.


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