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Step 7:  Dynamic Web Template (DWT)

 Working Efficiently & Consistently

Where to Start?

Note:  Here's the deal, you can Not make a Dynamic Web Template (DWT) unless you can first Design a Web Page.  Why?  Because - A DWT is an HTML Web Page that has been fully designed and includes Editable Regions.  So you have to first learn how To Design a Web Page, and then we will Save it as a Dynamic Web  Template.

What is a DWT?

A Dynamic Web Template (.dwt) is an HTML-based template created for the purpose of creating more web pages instead of making every page from scratch.  You can create as many DWTs as you would like for one web site.  I encourage that you do so as DWTs save you a lot of time and frustration. 

How to Make a Dynamic Web Template

  • Finish Designing your Home Page.
  • Save it As a Dynamic Web Template
  • Add Editable Regions
  • Create more web pages from the DWT

If you have followed the Quick Start Checklist, the very last step is Saving your home page as a Dynamic Web Template.  Your home page should have at least a completed layout, navigation menus, and content boxes.  In other words, your home page should be a completed web page, minus any content. 

Follow These Steps:

1.  With your home page open in the main editing window, Click File  --> Save As.....

2.  A dialog box opens.  Change the name of the page from index to template-1 or something similar.  Choose Dynamic Web Template from the Save as Type drop down menu.


The Dropdown Menu:


3.  Click Ok.  Save your work.

4.  Add Editable Regions:  place your cursor inside a div or content box that you want to make editable on web pages created from the dwt, then right click --> choose Manage Editable Regions.  A dialog box will open.

5.  Region name:  type the name of the editable region.  you can name this anything you would like. 

Note:  do not complete the Page Properties (title tag, meta description, etc) for the DWT.  Plus, always make sure the doctitle is listed as an editable region.  This will prevent you from getting locked out of the Page Properties - Title & Description.  This is typically done for you by default, but every now and then it can be screwed up.

You must add at least one editable region before you can create any web pages from the DWT.

6.  Save your work.


DO NOT write a title tag for the dynamic web template!!  Instead, the <title> tag of the DWT must remain un-named, and inside an editiable region, which is done for you when you create the DWT. 

<!-- #BeginEditable "doctitle" -->
<title>Untitled 1</title>
<!-- #EndEditable -->

Without the above editable region, you will have problems writing title tags for the pages created from the DWT.

How to Make Web Pages from the Dynamic Web Template

  • Locate your DWT in the Folder List. 
  •  Right click on your DWT and choose "New From Dynamic Web Template".  This will create a new web page from the DWT. 
  • Next, Save it and Name it.
  • Go ahead and begin adding content to the editable regions.

Keep in mind, you can make as many DWTs as you need.  Consider making a few variations of the first DWT you make.  Maybe one DWT will have two columns, another DWt might be one column, another with 3 columns, etc.


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